We all are now facing the NEXT NORMAL. You might probably find it interesting to know HOW TO RECOVER from the pandemic and HOW TO INNOVATE and MAKE DECISIONS FOR THE FUTURE. Here you are my thoughts and some of the most valuable reflections I had.
My main conclusion is that HE WHO STANDS STILL ALWAYS LOSES. There are some points that we can move from there.
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The pandemic has changed our lives, transforming our daily routines in all areas, but especially in the way we consume and the way we buy.
The NEXT NORMAL will no longer be the same. New world plenty of many changes and some are here to stay.

We live in a reality of continuous uncertainty. I know.
Brands and retailers are now questioning themselves on how to survive, grow, and innovate to adapt to these new buying habits.
Companies need to consider new VALUES far beyond the delivery of products and services.
Brands don’t sell things anymore but messages.

It´s time to recover and make decisions based on disruption. We all need to prepare for the challenges that are ahead.
This moment (someone will call it CRISIS) is meant to be a catalyst for a big change. A new world ready to be conquered.
Next Normal.  Next challenges.  Next opportunities.

    Brands need to take the lead and show prospects the path to a better world. Our clients are expecting us to lead them into optimism, courage, faith, strength, and passion. We need to be true ACTION TAKERS for them.
    The new customer journey needs to be much more dynamic and plenty of memorable moments for them to resonate and engage.
    Keep moving, he who stands still will always lose.
    Personal experiences with brands are more significant than advertising.
    Loyalty and retention come from a deep connection with emotions that brands can create in customers’ hearts. Emotions will never be forgotten.
    We need to develop Direct to Consumer strategies more than ever, which help generate experiences with brands that are strong enough to build direct relationships and generate loyalty with our customers.
    The value of Next Normal brands lies in the value of their people. Creating an army of Ambassadors will give you a very important competitive advantage.
    Take care of your people under the umbrella of
    collaborative leadership and feed a cooperative creativity environment where everyone wins.
    The consumer journey becomes more sophisticated and complex with an exchange between the physical and the digital experience.
    You will have a greater reach and a much bigger exposure. Learn how to optimize the experience, to stand out at the right point of contact. It could be tempting to focus on short-term strategies and individual touchpoints but understanding changes in the customer journey at a more strategic level will make you a winner in the long term.
    Buyers now have more experience across different channels and are also facing a more competitive scenario thanks to the development of native digital brands.
    This new approach to our customers needs to consider many more things that a product or service delivery. Brands need to go much further than a mere transaction and they will become unstoppable:
    Create relationships: Listen to your customers. Interact with all of them and make them participate. A customer-centric mindset is key.
    Social Networks: to build your community of early adopters, followers, and prescribers to get a better conversion in the future.
    Create value: Price is always less important than value. Focus on providing value and your customers will become less price-sensitive.
    Improve your service: your products are important, but customer service, logistics, speed, and reliability of delivery are also key.
    Less is more: simplifying your customers’ life and making it better needs to be the reason for every step you make.
    Personalization: Adapt to the needs and requests of each of your clients.
    Growth mindset: being open to keep learning every day will give you a huge opportunity to adapt and improve yourself.

Our mission as leaders is key. More than ever before:


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